Friday, March 12, 2010

Gran's tomato chutney - woo hoo

We have finally made the much anticipated chutney that Gran used to make for us.

Step 2: find her recipe for bread - then my afternoons of cheese and chutney sandwiches will be complete.

8 lb (~3.6kg) very ripe tomatoes, chopped into 8 pieces each
1/4 lb (~100g) salt
2 lb (~900g) white sugar
1 quart (~950mL) vinegar
1 oz white pepper
1/4 oz allspice
1/4 oz cloves
1 oz chillies, chopped
4 large apples, chopped
4 large onions, chopped
4 large red capsicum, chopped

Place all ingredients into a large pan. Boil for 1-1/5 hours (we boiled for 2).
Bottle into sterilised glass jars.
Makes 4-5L.
You will finish this all in a month - so delicious

Cheese and chutney sandwiches
Dip grilled french trimmed lamb chops into it
Dip ham and cheese toasted sandwiches into it

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