Saturday, October 26, 2013


Terraces with flowing water.

Pisac markets

Talked up as the best markets in the region.
I preferred cusco San pedro markets. Cheaper and less touristy than pisac.
Still fun for a look.
We ate at one of the restaurants near the veg market and I was food poisoned. Luckily it only made me sick for the afternoon.

Pisac archaeological site

A great day trip drive to see the sacred valley. 200 soles for a private taxi for the day.
Awana Kancha, pisac ruins and markets, tipon, pikillaqta.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Awana Cancha 2

Awana Cancha

On the road from cusco to pisac.
Alpaca and llama zoo. Run by a group of families.
Free entrance. Small donation to feed the animals.
So fun!
Also a small weaving, spinning, dyeing demonstration.

Another three festivals in Cusco

Every day there is another excuse to have a parade with a marching band in Cusco.
Today it seems like there were three!

Co-op building

Human conveyor belt

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Salinas de Maras

Salt mines just outside Maras.
Intricate design to allow the salty water to crystallise in various ponds.

Peru or Mexico?


Incredible Incan ruins.
Tucked in a valley near Maras. Impossible to see even a sign of them until standing right on the edge.
Concentric terraced circles. Pollen from many different plants and soils from all over the Andes have been found here. Temperature varies as much as 15C from top to bottom.
The theory is that it was used as a biological testing ground. The different levels mimic the different climates through the Incan lands.

Town of Maras

The stepping stone for Moray.
A cute little sandy town made of mud bricks

Views on the road to maras

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dogs at tambomachay


Caught a taxi from cusco to tambomachay. 20 soles.
More Incan ruins.

Choco Museo


Building work...messy work

Views of cusco



From a local lady in a little shop.

Shoes made of old tires!

All the locals wear them...

Arroz con leche y maize

Cusqueñan street food.
Rice pudding and a syrup made from black maize.

Centre Qosqo de Arte Nativo

A one hour dance program. Included in the buleto turistico for 120 soles. (1AUD =0.38 soles).
We arrived at 6.20 and there must have been a line of about 500 people!
They started letting people in and the line moved quickly... We were the second last people let in and they locked the gates behind us.
Beautiful costumes...maybe a bit long but worth going to see.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bus breakdown

Bus breakdown on side of road... Rather high altitude. Freezing cold and drizzly and foggy. 

Plaza del Armas

San Pedro Mercado

Schoolmates enjoying local 'donuts' with honey syrup 

San pedro

Cows noses and bulls horns

San Pedro market

San Pedro market

Only 4 soles fir delicious two course lunch. 
More than enough food!

Lunch Taquile Island

Yummy river trout.
Disregard own advice regarding river poisoning?

Taquile Island

Another two hours by boat. Another long nap!
Not a floating island. Very pretty but maybe not worth the long boat ride.

Uros island handicrafts

We arrived on the island and were greeted by the people who live there. About 30 people. Each island has its own president nominated on a rotating basis. The islands together have a president who is elected. The president of Uros island met us at the boat and told us all about the island and their way of life.
Apparently they hop in a boat and drive 1km before toileting which I found hard to believe.
Also one of my friends claim that the lake water is so polluted from mining that you shouldn't even eat the fish from it! Too late now!